6 Ways to Plan Social Media Content for the Month

Knowing what to post on Instagram every single day, if not multiple times a day, can be a daunting task. Luckily, in the beauty industry, we’ve got 15+ pictures we can post from every angle of every client. All you gotta do is plan it out & mix it up, no one will even know it’s the same client!

 Here's 6 ways to post daily without turning into your full time job:

    1. Take before & after pictures of every client. 

      • Doing this throughout the day with multiple clients will give you plenty of images to choose from – even on your days off!

    2. Save time editing by getting GOOD pictures the first time!

      • Things to check before taking the picture: Lashes & brows brushed, no smudged makeup under the eyes, no flyaway hairs.

      • Use an overhead light AND a Selfie Ring light! We use a Glamcor & a selfie ring light to avoid any shadows from your arm or phone.

    3. Know your angles

      • I prefer pictures of a single eye, straight on. I ask them to start with their eyes closed. I get my camera phone & selfie ring light set up extremely close to their eye, this way I won’t have to do any cropping after & then I have the client open their eye to look directly into the camera.

    4. At the end of the day

      • Go through & delete all the pictures you won’t use, collage any before + after shots to send to the clients like we talked about in our blogpost on how to fill your appointment books & make any last minute edits.

    5. Pick a day once a week & set up your posts 

      • We use an app called Planoly where we can upload the edited photos, write out engaging captions – Maven tip: always include a question your followers can respond to! Add appropriate hashtags on Planoly & schedule a day/time for it to auto-post for you. You can move the photos around to see how well it will look with the other posts scheduled around it so your instagram feed is always aesthetically pleasing and BAM! You’re all set up for a week (or month) of perfectly curated photos.

    6. During the week

      • Post daily insta - stories of salon life, clients before & after or any daily tips & tricks. Hop on for 20 minutes each day after your picture has auto-posted just to respond to everyone commenting on your new post. Maven tip: Ask them a question in your response. This gets them to comment again with an answer, increasing your engagement rating & boosting your post higher in the algorithm for more people to see.

      • Planning your content ahead of time frees up your time, allowing you to focus on your clients & have time for your family + friends

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