How We Filled 2 Appointment Books in LESS than 3 Months

Need more clients to fill your days? Been there! Read on to find out how we filled 2 appointment books completely in less than 3 months and had to hire 2 new employees!

After jumping around locations the past 2 years & starting fresh with Beauty Mavens Collective, our clientele was only a handful of loyal's who would follow us anywhere we went. The rest of our clientele we weren’t doing much to hang on to with every move. We knew opening a new salon would take a lot of work & we had to have X number of clients to reach our goals. Once we knew our numbers we went to WORK.

5 ways we filled both of the OG Beauty Maven's (almost empty) new schedules & had to bring on 2 new employees.


    • We started with a few loyal clients who have literally been with us since day 1. Well guess what? They have local BFF’s & the more they love you, the more they’ll organically start talking about you with their family + friends. So our first tip is to go above & beyond to keep them happy each time they come in. Provide them with a beverage + treats, ask them what music they’d like playing during their service, and have comfy pillows + blankets to cuddle up in on the treatment table.


    • Our BEST KEPT SECRET – don’t give discounts to new clients!! That only attracts the cheap clients that (let's be honest) probably won't even tip you. Let your true fans be the ones to earn the discounts! We take before/after pictures of every client, put them together on our InstaSize app, edit any blemishes out with Facetune and then text it to our client, if they share that picture or any #clientselfie & tag us on their post, then we give them $10-15 off their next service or a complimentary lash or brow tinting. This gets your work in front of more eyes & gets your client excited to come back to use their discount!


    • When you have a growing clientele, it’s hard to be invested in hundreds of lives & then remember it all when they come back to see you the next month. Wanna know our maven secret? We take notes! In their appointment notes section, we jot down any vacations they're prepping for, how many kids they have at home & what their guilty pleasure T.V. show is. When they come back next month, we don’t have to rack our brains to remember previous convos or seem like we really didn’t listen last time when we repeat all the same questions. We skim the notes & start talking with them about what we already know they’re interested in!


    • Instagram, Facebook, Stories, Pinterest, Blogs…… There are so many social sites that can help build your business, but it can be a full time job trying to manage all of them! If you’re like us, not quite ready to hire someone else to take over social media, then figure out a system that works for YOU. We do batch work, meaning we sit down to curate all our content for the upcoming week or month, plan it & schedule it to post automatically. 


    • We still don’t know W H Y this took us so long to figure out, but once we did it, we realized our clientele was much larger than we thought & that we would actually either need to close our books to new clients or bring on new employees! When you’re checking out your client, set them up for their next 3-4 appointments. Especially when doing lashes.. You know how long it will last, get them on the books early so they can get a time that is convenient for them. Then they don’t have to text you the night before “…ummmm my  lashes are almost gone, can you fit me in tomorrow at 8 am before I go on vacation for 2 weeks?”

BONUS Maven Tip: Sometimes they don’t come in with their calendar or their phone dies right at the counter. That’s okay! Set a reminder to text them in a few days to follow-up & get them re-booked! It’s also a good idea to check their past appointments to see times/days that normally work with their schedule. “Hey girl, hope you’re having fun & loving your lashes in Italy!! I know we didn’t get your appointment down before you left, but I do have Friday June 15th at 10 am or 11:30 am available if you want to snag either time to do your lashes after your trip before they fill up. Let me know which time works for you!”

Implementing these seemingly no-brainer tricks is how we filled BOTH of our empty schedules in less than 3 months, requiring us to open a larger studio & hire 2 new employees! 

What do you do to fill your books or bring in new clients? Leave us a comment below to let us know!

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