Which Facial Service is Right For Me??

How do I know which facial to choose?

First off, picture your dream skin in 4-6 months.. How do you want it to look? What skin concern will be completely eradicated? okay, got it? Dream big here! What if I told you that YOU could have that dream skin of yours in 4-6 short months!? Would you do it? SIGN ME UP!

Girl let’s do it! Why are you still picking zits & spending your money on products that aren’t working for your skin? Book a bi-weekly or monthly skin service with our Maven’s & trust our top of the line Image skincare recommendations & YOU will be that girl that everyone wants to be cause your skin is so dang perfect.

SO, how do you know which facial treatment to choose?

Once your Skin Maven assesses your skin type + concerns, they will be able to give you the correct recommendations for a series of treatments & at home regimen. We customize every single facial to your #skincaregoals. Book whichever one you feel is best suited for your skin & our Mavens will ask you detailed questions during your consultation to choose the ideal service for your skin.  

First, start with your facial! Here's a detailed summary of what each of our facials includes:

1. Mavens Ain’t Got Time Mini Facial: We get it, you’re busy, but you still want fresh, radiant skin! Pop on in for a quickie - 30 minute facial (also a good option if you are tight on funds!) Our Maven Mini facial is only $45 and includes a deep hydrating cleanse, resurfacing exfoliator, masque, anti aging serum & hydrating SPF moisturizer & volumizing lip treatment. Got 30 minutes to step away from the office to treat yourself? Then choose your Maven & book your mini facial.

2. Maven’s Wanna Glow Facial: Skincare IS the new makeup. Take time for your skin & enjoy our 60-minute signature facial. The Maven Glow Facial is $80 and includes a double cleanse, first with a creamy hydrating cleanser to remove makeup, then with a sudsy gel to target your skin concern, a resurfacing exfoliator, custom masque, anti aging + hydrating serum cocktail, hydrating SPF moisturizer & volumizing lip treatment. Ready to GLOW? Book your Glow Facial here.

3. Maven’s Don’t Age Facial: Wanna still look like your 30 when you’re hitting 40+? Let’s start now - either preventing that aging from getting the best of you or turning back the clock if you’re already there! This 60-minute signature facial is all focused on Anti-Aging. The Anti-Aging Facial is $95 and includes a double cleanse, first with a creamy anti-aging cleanser to remove makeup, then with an AHA cleanser mixed with a brightening exfoliating powder to resurface your skin, an ultra-hydrating masque, H6 Hylaraunic Acid, anti aging, brightening + hydrating serum cocktail, our hydrating SPF moisturizer & volumizing lip treatment.  Ready to be 30, flirty & thriving forever? Book your anti-aging facial here.

4. See Ya Never Acne Facial: Okay babes, we feel ya, acne is the WORST. If you are still living with it, we just got one question -- WHY? Let’s get rid of it! Book this facial for a 60 -minute custom facial, costs $95 and includes a double cleanse, first with a creamy hydrating cleanser to remove makeup + surface oils, then with a Salicylic acid gel cleanser to balance your oil production, a medicated acne exfoliator, extractions of zits, pimples + blackheads, salicylic acid spot treatment for any underground pimples, a medicated acne masque, anti aging  & hydrating serum cocktail, an oil-free mattefying SPF moisturizer & volumizing lip treatment. Ready to say See Ya NEVER Acne? Book your acne fighting facial here.

Bump up your bi-weekly or monthly facial with any of our facial add on features!

Facial Add On's must be accompanied by any 1 of our facials above to properly prep the skin before & after the add on services. Options:

1. High Frequency: 15 minute, $20 upgrade.  Help treat + prevent acne, reduce appearance of enlarged pores & fine lines + wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles, rejuvenate the condition of the scalp and nourish hair follicles for healthier hair. Uses alternating currents to kill the bacteria on the skin & get rid of active acne. There is also a tip to brush through the hair to stimulate the scalp & assist in hair growth. Add a high frequency treatment onto your facial.

2. LED Light Therapy – 15 minute $20 upgrade. Recommended 6-8 treatments bi-weekly for best results. LED (light emitting diode) uses different frequencies of light to target different skin concerns. Our machine has 3 different lights to target skin concerns. Blue light : targets acne & bacteria, red light: helps with anti- aging by inducing collagen & speeds up healing Yellow light: hyper pigmentation Add on an LED treatment to your facial. 

3. Ultrasonic skin Scrubber: 20 minute, $30 upgrade. Uses sonophresis & cavitation to clear out black or white heads, clogged pores & active acne. Allows serums & products to penetrate 1,000x deeper. Got clogged pores? Add the ultrasonic skin scrubber on to your facial.

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