Transition Your Skincare From Winter to Spring

As the seasons are changing -- so should your skin care regimen! The winter months are a lot more dry & damaging on the skin. If you're like us, in the winter your skincare routine consists of the most hydrating + moisturizing products you can get your hands on! Here's some tips to transition into the upcoming sunny spring months. 

1. SPRING CLEAN - while you're cleaning out everything in your house, focus on your skincare as well. Throw out any expired cleansers or products that have been opened for years & taking up space in your drawers. Just like your fave food, your fave skin care products also expire, become ineffective & can actually become a burden to your skin. Evaluate the make up you are using, make sure it is clean & non-comedogenic (which means it won't clog the pores.) Need some new products once you've cleaned everything out? Check out our favorite Facial Oil!

2. EXFOLIATE - If you haven't been exfoliating weekly, there is no better time to start than now! Sluff off alllll the dry, dead skin that has been building up over the long dry winter months. Maven Tip: Let's apply this step to the whole body, not just the face! Exfoliating increases blood flow, minimizes the appearance of pores, helps maintain acne + breakouts, and helps products penetrate deeper into the skin. Let's get a jumpstart by coming in for a professional exfoliation facial service like Hydro Facial!

3. LIGHTER MOISTURIZER - With the warmer weather typically brings higher humidity levels --  the dry dark months are behind us, HALLELUJAH! This doesn't mean stop moisturizing (which can actually lead to excess oil production for the skin) -- try adding a lighter moisturizer to your routine. If you have dry skin year round, then disregard this & stick with what your skin needs.

4. INCREASE SPF - Amp up your SPF. This is just one of those things we CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Make sure you are wearing Broad Spectrum SPF 30 DAILY & that you reapplying your SPF every 90 minutes throughout the day this spring/summer! It's almost like your SPF has a timer, after a certain amount of time, it turns off, & you have to reapply or else you will be susceptible to all that burning, aging, & damage from the sun. This time of year especially, we tend to be out in the sun more, sweating, jumping in + out of the pool, etc. Also consider throwing on a hat... like everyday. Or whenever you are out in the sun to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Buy our favorite daily Broad Spectrum SPF.

5. VISIT A PROFESSIONAL - Nothing will deep clean your skin like getting a facial from a professional. Come visit us! We can discuss + address your personal skin care concerns & customize your facial to your skins needs! If you haven't opted in for your recommended monthly facials, consider making the season changes (spring) the time to pamper yourself & take care of your skin! Choose your facial service.

Come see us to get you set up on your skincare journey. We will customize a plan of treatments + products specifically for YOU + YOUR NEEDS. 

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