Microneedling FAQ

What even is Microneedling? Does it hurt? Am I gonna bleed? Is it worth it? We've heard all your questions & wrote them all up with the answers right here! Ready to book your first treatment? Choose your Maven and book your Microneedling service here! 

  1. DOES MICRONEEDLING HURT? After cleansing the skin, our Maven's will numb you prior to the needling service with a BLT compound topical numbing cream to increase comfort and ease any pain. Forehead + nose areas are the most sensitive, but pain is minimal to none with this procedure. 

  2. WHAT DOES IT EVEN DO? The Microneedling machine we use has 12 micro-needles spread apart in a tip about the diameter of a penny. The needles go in & out of the skin rapidly creating controlled micro-injuries which stimulates collagen + elastin production. It also helps products penetrate deeper into the skin, maximizing the benefits of your at home skin care regimen. Maven Tip: start young! Did you know your skin is actively aging by the time you hit 20 years old!? Ready to start? Book your microneedling procedure here!

  3. WHY DO SOME CALL IT COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY? Microneedling is often referred to as collagen induction therapy because it stimulates collagen & elastin production in the skin.

  4. WHAT IS COLLAGEN PRODUCTION GOING TO DO FOR MY SKIN? It’s going to plump your skin back up, smoothing out any textural issues like scars, uneven skin, acne scarring, fine lines + wrinkles. I WANT THAT RN - book your microneedling appointment now.

  5. HOW LONG DOES MICRONEEDLING TAKE? The Maven’s will have you booked for about 1 hour to come in for a relaxing facial to prep & cleanse the skin, allowing enough time to numb, and then the microneedling treatment – the actual microneedling takes about 20 minutes, then we pamper the skin with a face masque, serums, hyaluronic acid, & moisturizer.

  6. CAN I DO A CHEMICAL PEEL WITH MICRONEEDLING? Abso-freakin-lutely. Adding a chemical peel onto the Microneedling treatment allows for deeper penetration into the dermis layer where the peel can work even more effectively. 

  7. AM I GONNA BLEED? Yes girl! But don’t worry, it is just pinpoint bleeding. If blood makes you squeamish, you’re not going to be the one to see it! Once we clean up the skin there will be no more traces of blood.

  8. HOW WILL I LOOK AFTER THE MICRONEEDLING TREATMENT? Your skin will be pink -red for up to 24 hours post procedure. Swelling & bruising are normal responses, but not common.

  9. DO I NEED TO TAKE WORK OFF FOR A FEW DAYS? – Besides 24 hours of redness or flushed cheeks, there is no downtime following this treatment.

  10. WHAT FITZPATRICK NUMBER OR SKIN TYPE IS MICRONEEDLING SUITED FOR? This treatment can be used on all Fitzpatrick numbers I-VI & all skin types.

  11. HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE RECOMMENDED & HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? 4-6 treatments done 4-6 weeks apart are recommended. Our Mavens charge $175 per treatment, we also offer a “Savin’ Maven” Microneedling pack with 4 treatments pre-purchased for only $660 ($40 savings)

  12. WHAT AREAS CAN I TREAT? Microneedling facial treatments are often performed on the face & décolletage, but can be done anywhere on the body to reduce scarring or stretch marks - arms, legs, stomach, etc. SIGN ME UP - Book your microneedling Maven.

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