Complete skincare regimen that's as easy as 1-2-3

More is always more & we LOVE more!! But when it comes to building out a skin care regimen, it can be so overwhelming knowing where to start. We feel ya, which is why we also love keepin' it simple-- especially if you are new to the skincare world. We have a simple 3 step morning & night regimen that will change your skin with just 4 products. Once you master the basics we can add on more products and continue to build out your regimen!   


  1. CLEANSE -- Find a cleanser that is not only going to remove makeup, oils, debris, etc. but is also working to improve your skin. (hint: ditch your drugstore face cleansers) We love IMAGE cleansers which all cleanse, exfoliate, and tone. 
  2. ANTI-AGE -- Using a good anti-aging serum is a game changer! Our favorite is the IMAGE Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic6 Filler
  3. PREVENT -- SPF SPF SPF SPF. Babes -- don't for get your SPF. We recommend a 2 in 1 moisturizer with SPF, like the IMAGE Prevention + Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30+. (Look for SPF's with ZINC as the active ingredient.) 


  2. ANTI-AGE 
  3. REPAIR -- Think intense moisturizer, retinol, overnight masque, medicated acne lotion, vitamin C facial oil, etc. Something that is going to work on the deeper layers of the skin and repair your skin as you sleep. 

MAVEN TIP : Add on a weekly masque (1-2 times a week) for added moisture, detoxing, and GLOW. We love the IMAGE Ageless Total Resurfacing Mask

Book online for an in person or online skin consultation where we have you fill out an in depth skin questionnaire so that we can recommend you SPECIFIC products that are going to WORK for your skin concerns and help you reach your #skingoals. 

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