3 steps to ROCK what you feel called to do!

Hey there beauty mavens,

We just want to start off with a big, fat THANK YOU from the bottom of our little hearts for following us along our journey as we go after our dreams. As a thank you, we are offering you babes 25% off any one service when you come see us at our new space. Ready to take advantage of that!?

It has been quite a rollercoaster these last couple years, dabbling in business ideas & rocking them. We have so many exciting things we are itching to share with you all. Follow us on Instagram for more beauty boss babe inspo.  

One of our fave podcasters is Alison Faulkner + if there is one thing we’ve learned from her it is “If you feel called to do something FREAKING DO IT.”



1.       Brain Dump: Grab a 44 oz Dr. Pepper or whatever gets you pumped + write down every single idea that pops in your head; your why, what’s next, possible business names, words that inspire you,  product ideas, future goals, your vision, a list of people you would love to collab with, etc. Please don't limit yourself here!! We want you to write down every single thought that comes to your mind-- no matter how crazy or out there it seems! 

2.       Organize your brain dump: Eliminate things or ideas you’re just not feeling. Elaborate on things you feel inclined to follow. Prioritize your list. Set small goals that will help you accomplish each item on that list + tackle one goal at a time.

3.       Freaking do it: write yourself a small to do list on how to accomplish your very first goal + get started. 

Want to hear an example of how we are freaking getting started on doing what we feel called to do? Keep reading.


After leaving our spa this week, we took the following day to look for places to rent short term while we figured out our next step, that & “brain dump.” We sat in a little booth at our fave lunch spot, Cubby’s, wondering why we couldn’t just booth rent a space there to take our clients? Cause duh, the aesthetic there is amazing!

We BRAIN DUMPED + wrote down every idea that came to mind; what’s next, future goals, what our vision was, possible business names; people, colors, + ideas that inspire us, etc.

Next it was time to organize our brain dump & we decided our most important step was to choose our name. We started crossing words off of our list until we had a smaller list of great ideas.

We were still torn between the names OLIO SISTERS or TWO BEAUTY MAVENS. Olio meaning: a miscellaneous collection of things or Mavens meaning: an expert or connoisseur. Both names fit our vision + business plan perfectly. By the end of the day we decided Two Beauty Mavens was the right fit. We had one more space to check out as a booth renting option before we split up to make the trek back to Ogden + Provo.

You GUYS I am not kidding.. this is a freaking miracle, at least for us.

We headed to downtown SLC (um. HI could the location be anymore perfect?) The outside of the building is a big black cube, with wood details a.k.a gorgeous. You guys.. here comes the freaking miracle. Guess what this building is called!? The… wait for it.. Maven District. WHAT!?

We walk in the door & it has Maven written EVERYWHERE. Maven Strong, Maven Fitness, Maven Wellness, Maven this, Maven That. Literally everywhere. Two Beauty Mavens fits in PERFECTLY. And I don’t know about you, but until that day I had never even heard the word maven before lol.

The inside of this place is a reflection of my pinterest board dream home, complete with the white penny tiles I’ve been dying to re-do my kitchen with. Another little miracle – our cute landlord is super sweet, has the best style, is a waxing expert + pro lil masseuse (if you’re needing any of those services, hit her up! You know where we’ll be hanging out & spending all our money in between clients.) Her business name is ODLA studio (k small miracle, but if we had chosen OLIO sisters, those are two very similar words that just don’t go together.)  So we freaking did it. We paid our deposit + started moving in. Now we are on to our next goal in our prioritized list.

Babes, write down your goals + crush them, but keep your eyes open for the miracles along the way.

If you made it this far, we love you, thanks for reading. Now t r e a t yo’self + come see us for 25% off ANY one service.

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