7 things you didn't know about LASH LIFTS

What the heck is it? Will my lashes fall out!? What if I’m pregnant? These are alllll the Q’s we get asked on the daily. Tbh, this is one subject we are truly M A V E N S on. So to get you prepared for your very own lash lift, Book your lash lift appointment here + come on back to read the answers to some of those FAQ’s.

1. what exactly is a “LASH LIFT?”

A lash lift will lift or curl your very own natural lashes from the base making them appear longer + curled. We use a brand called Elleebana, which uses silicone pads instead of traditional rollers to give more of a lifting effect from the base of the eyelash.

2. Do I have to come back to get fills all the time?

NOPE! That is the beauty of a lash lift. Your lashes will remain lifted during the duration of your natural lash cycle – typically 6-8 weeks + even up to 12 weeks for some lucky gals. Again, this is determined by your natural lash growth cycle.

3. But what about all the MAINTENANCE + RESTRICTIONS?

Babe, another one of the beauties of the lash lift.. Just be careful for the first 24 hours: don't rub lashes, get them wet, or apply mascara (unless it is our “Elleevate”Keratin mascara, in which case you can apply immediately after your lift!) After that first 24 hours, do your thang girl! Rub your eyes, wear all the makeup you want, go swimming, or use a lash growth serum (p.s. we totally recommend Babe Lash!) You really don't have to do anything special with your lashes in between lifts. 

4. can I still wear MASCARA & USE A LASH GROWTH SERUM?

Of course! You'll just achieve a more dramatic effect when mascara is applied to your already curled lashes. Feel free to use any type of mascara. We also sell the Elleevate mascara, it is a daily mascara + growth serum all in one & is formulated with the lash lift so you can apply it immediately after your appointment! We have also found that our clients who use a growth serum, like Babe Lash, often retain their lashes + lift longer.

5. what is the difference between A LIFT & A PERM?

Some of the lash perms of years past use tiny little rods that produce a way too inverted curl. Others, use a type of lash curler/clamp which can be uncomfortable and difficult to work with. The Elleebana method we use has silicone pads that lifts the lashes from the root resulting in a beautiful, naturally lifted curl.

6. okay that all sounds great, but IS THIS DAMAGING TO MY LASHES?

When done properly by a licensed + certified technician, not at all! The lifting solutions contain lanolin, which is a conditioning ingredient & promotes natural lash growth.

7. is it safe while PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING?

This is perfect for you new mamas! Although hormonal changes might have a slight affect on your natural lash growth or how much they lift, it is totally safe + will help you look more awake + ready for the day after staying up all night with your new little babe.


Well babes, I think that covers it all. Ready for your life changing lash lift already? Book a Lash Lift  + enjoy a complimentary lash tint with your first lash lift.

P.S. you are in good hands here, both of our Beauty Maven's are Elleebana trained + certified. Kristen is going on almost 2 years as the designated Elleebana Lash Lift trainer for Northern Utah.


Any more questions? Drop them in the comments or shoot us an e-mail to hello@twobeautymavens.com

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