Kristen's Faves : November

Hey there Mavens, Kristen here, with your go-to source on products that ACTUALLY WORK on us oily skin + greasy hair babes who just wanna get through the day with our foundation still in tact & not wash our hair nightly. The struggle is REAL & I totally get it. So here are my fave products I’ve found this month that have worked on me + that I think are totally worth it!

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear – No joke. this is the only, THE ONLY foundation I have found that is full coverage, stays on ALL day & doesn’t start breaking down around my nose from oil – I have never ever ever found a foundation that can do this!!!! I wear the shade “Cool Bone,” but when you go to Nordstrom they have the coolest little machine that can color match you! Now this bottle is a bit pricey at $42, but my last bottle lasted 6 months & did I mention it’s the only foundation that I have ever found that actually works on my oily skin? WORTH IT.

2. Babe Lash – This stuff is life. I apply it every morning when I do my makeup & my lashes have quadrupled in length, I’m not even being dramatic, they are seriously  l o n g  now! The first couple days of usage, my eyes were pretty red, but I kept using it & that stopped happening. I’ve also started applying this to my eyebrows & have noticed more brow hair coming in! 

3. Elf Brow Gel – This clear brow gel will hold those hairs exactly where you want them to sit, all day! The best part is, it costs a whopping $2. It is double sided with a brow + mascara gel. TBH I use both sides on my brows & they equally hold my brows in place-- brushed up & fluffy how I like ‘em!

4. Matrix Dry Shampoo – now I’ve tried several different dry shampoos & still ended up needing to wash my hair every. single. night. Like I don’t think you understand just how greasy this hair gets in a day… it’s pretty bad. The only way I could go a 2nd or 3rd day without washing my hair was by wearing a hat. UNTIL I FOUND THIS MAGICAL DRY SHAMPOO!! It totally works & smells good. If you spray too much in one spot, it will be white, so make sure you hold it 6-8 inches from your head as you spray. 

5. DIFF Sunglasses – Are these not the cutest sunnies you’ve ever seen? I love my matte black Becky Frames with the blue mirror lenses so freaking much. PLUS when you buy a pair of DIFF shades, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need, how cool is that? Now you can justify buying 5+ pairs of these sunnies in the middle of winter.

6. 24k Gold Peel-Off Mask – my  f a v e  peel off mask! It helps detoxify your face & get rid of that first layer of dead skin. My skin feels baby bum smooth right after I rip it off! P.s. I would definitely recommend a good dermaplane treatment beforehand, cause this sucker will pull on all those unwanted peach fuzzies, but won’t rip them out.

7. Biolage Clean Reset Shampoo – there are so many shampoo’s out there that hydrate dry and damaged hair, but what about us greasy hair girls!? Seriously it is so hard to find a shampoo that doesn’t say "moisturizing" in the title. This shampoo is made for us! It is meant to give you the moisture your hair needs, but help reset your body’s natural oil productions so you end up with yummy smelling,  c l e a n  hair that won’t get greasy so fast.

8. NYX "Set it, Don't Fret" Matte Finishing Powder – I love this setting powder because it is slightly tinted, so it adds a bit more coverage onto your foundation, it is mattifying & helps your makeup sit in place all day. Win, win, win.

9. Lashes Everlasting – I am allllll heart eyes over these strip lash falsies! Every pair is absolutely perfect, so much fluff + volume + length. I wear the Jade, Amber & Topaz, and my next purchase will definitely be the Amethyst. Every pair can be used 20-25 times. Plus the packaging is absolutely gorgeous!!


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