Madison's Faves : November

Hey maven babes! It's Madi here to share my tried + true must have beauty faves from November! Seriously this post is jam packed with goodness!! Keep in mind I have dry skin & even drier hair (that is suppppper curly!)

1. Lush Ultra Bland - I tried this cleanser for the first time this month and I have to say it is a new staple in my routine -- so gentle, but so efficient at removing make up! Leaves your skin feeling so smooth + glowwwwing! 

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay - My holy grail foundation!! It's a stay all day, full coverage, breathable foundation that I cannot live without. I hear the clay base makes it really good for oily skin, but my dry skin loves it just as much! 

3. Shoulder Duster Earrings - These gold beauties are the perfect addition to any babes #OOTD. They hang so beautifully + feel light enough that I can wear them all day. Thow them on with your fave sweater & messy bun and you'll feel like a million bucks. Trust me! Oh did I mention they are only $10?? 

4. Elleevate Lash Lift Mascara - I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. It has changed the mascara game. This mascara has keratin, arginine, and biotin in it so it is actually strengthening + nourishing your lashes. The application is soooo smooth, it will not flake off during the day, it doesn't clump, + it's conditioning! What more could you ask for in a mascara-- seriously babes, this stuff rocks! 

5. NYX HD Photo Concealer - An affordable concealer that actually does what it is supposed to do? SIGN ME UP! It lasts all day + doesn't crease under the eyes. We recommend finding a shade 2 shades lighter than your foundation color for a beautiful bright eye -- no matter how much sleep you didn't get last night! 

6. Loreal Infallible Pro Lipstick - You babes already know we LOVE this lippie. It is super affordable, lasts all day, doesn't dry out the lips, and comes in so many great colors! This is definitely a go-to, reliable lipstick that I always have on hand. 

7. Maybelline The City Mini Palette - A pigmented-stay-all-day eyeshadow palette that is under $10? YES PLEASE! I have been loving on these palettes since day one. They're small enough that you can throw them in your bag when you're traveling + pretty enough that they can be worn daily! My favorite palettes are the chill brunch + urban jungle! 

8. Kirkland Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner - A pureology DUPE! 100% vegan, sulfate, paraben, + gluten free.  This set is a professional quality at an affordable price! Plus it is costco size-- so it lasts forrrrreeevvvvaa. (even if you use pounds of conditioner, like me). My dry curls drink this stuff UP! It is so moisturizing + nourishing! Throw these in your cart on your next Costco run, you'll thank me later!  

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