Lash Lift Q + A

Last week, we posted on our Instagram @beautymavenscollective & asked you what questions you had about lash lifts! We answered these on our insta-stories, but in case you missed it, we'll sum it all up here! Click the box below to check out the original Instagram post.

  1. Can you rub your eyes after a lash lift?

    • - After 24 hours, yes! 

  2. What if I wear contacts?

    • No problem, we will just have you take them out during the treatment.

  3. Can I swim/shower with a lash lift?

    • Just wait the recommended 24 hours & you're good to jump in the pool!

  4. What do we, the beauty maven's, prefer: lash lift vs. extensions?

    • We both love them both, for different reasons.

    • Madison LOVES extensions because she looks 100% ready even after just waking up & she never feels like she needs to wear eye shadow, liner, etc. But she also LOVES lash lifts because it showcases her natural lashes & she can be more creative with her eye makeup.

    • Kristen LOVES extensions because they look so much fuller + voluminous & it saves her time in her morning routine. But she also LOVES lash lifts because she can wear her fave elleevate mascara & she only has to do get it done every 6 weeks.

  5. What lasts longer: lash lift vs. extensions?

    • They will both last you forever as long as you follow aftercare & come in for regular fills & touchups. You can expect to visit your lash tech every 2-3 weeks with extensions & every 6 weeks for lash lifts.

  6. What's the price?

    • The Beauty Mavens charge $75 for a lash lift & $15 for a lash tint.

  7. Do I still need to wear mascara when my lashes are tinted?

    • Tinting your lashes will dye the hairs black, most people think this is enough on their lashes, while some prefer to thicken their lashes with a build-able mascara. So it just depends on your preferred look! 

    • If you opt for no makeup, we still recommending swiping on some clear keratin lash conditioner

    • If you choose to wear mascara, we recommend using the Elleevate Keratin Mascara

  8. Is it difficult to get an appointment? 

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