What happens during a lash lift?

Alright babes, we know a lot of you come in to see us for you monthly "lash nap," but have you ever wondered what exactly happens during your lash lift appointment? Let us take you through it step-by-step!

  1. Meet your maven & fill out your paper work

    • Your client intake form needs to be filled out on your very first visit to the salon, we keep it on file so you only have to do this once! It let's us know more about you, any allergies you have, background + experiences with different lash services, etc.  
  2. Lashes will be cleansed & bottom lashes taped down

    • We ask that clients come with no eye makeup on, but we'll always start with a quick cleanse to make sure everything has truly been removed & nothing is on the lashes that could be blocking the lifting products from doing their job!
  3. Silicone rods are applied to eyelid & lashes glued to rod

    • THIS is the most important step! This is what separates a good lash lift from an AMAZING lash lift. The rod selection & lash placement are key. This is where we spend the most time during your appointment to make sure it is absolutely perfect. 
  4. Lifting + Setting lotions are applied

    • Times vary based on the strength of your natural lashes, but never exceed 10 minutes on the lift lotion or 5 minutes on the setting lotion, making this process quick + comfortable.
  5. Lash Bath

    • the lash bath will be given by the technician with a substantial amount of warm water + a cotton round meant to completely cleanse the lashes + remove any excess lotion from the lashes.
  6. Lash Tint

    • Lashes are then tinted, if desired, with a dark black color which lasts 3-4 weeks on average, so there's no need to even bother with mascara!
  7.  Check out the results

    • Enjoy your perfectly curled + lifted lashes for 6-8 weeks or longer! Note, you will see the full potential of the lash curl when the lashes are completely dry. Be sure you don't leave without seeing your lashes 100% dry so your technician can quickly + easily fix anything if needed.

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