Why you should be trained and CERTIFIED in the products you are using

More and more girls are buying lash lift kits online + YouTube-ing a couple videos/having a friend teach them how to perform a lash lift (or other beauty services).

We are breaking down W H Y  it is SO important to be trained + certified in the services/products you are using, specifically Elleebana lash lifts + Belmacil tints. 

- CONTINUED + ONGOING SUPPORT! -- this one is a biggie for us! Being a certified Elleebana lash artist you are invited to exclusive online communities where you can ask any questions & get as specific as you need to! -- Kristen is an Elleebana certified trainer for northern Utah & is constantly getting questions with pictures of specific clients with very specific concerns that need to be addressed case by case! Once you purchase a course, you've got your trainers help for life! Heard enough? Sign up for lash lift training now!

- Receive tons of free marketing material, including a certified logo that you can put on all your pictures. This watermark will set you apart, build credibility + give you the opportunity to be re-posted on Elleebana social media pages. 

- Receive an actual CERTIFICATE that you can proudly hang & show to your clients to prove your expertise! 

- Save yourself (& your client's poor lashes) the time, money & effort of trial & error. 

- Learn all our tips + tricks & secrets we've developed after being trained & certified & then doing several lash lifts daily over the last 2 1/2 years! 

- Different product lines are just that DIFFERENT! Each one will have different processing times, ingredients, instructions, etc. Imperative things you neeeeeed to know so you don't damage your clients lashes. You should be able to answer every question a client has about the product line you are using/carrying. 

If you aren't yet certified, sign up for our lash lift course!

If you are looking to get your lashes lifted by someone who is trained & certified book a your lash lift service here. If you're not in Utah, but want to find someone trained & certified to take care of your lashes, explore this list of certified stylists nationwide.

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