Best Brow Buys

With so many expensive brow pencils, gels + pomades out there, how's a girl to know what to get? Well babes we've tried almost everything and here are our top 5 best brow buys + secret weapons.

1. Microblading - cause duh. It looks so natural & eliminates the need to purchase the expensive brow pots for 1-2 years. Even if you want to fill your brows in darker with makeup some days, having your brows microbladed will save you SO MUCH TIME because it has your perfect shape outlined + defined right there for you! Read 12 things you should know before microblading or book your microblading today!

2. Brow Tints - a quick 15 minute appointment will dye your natural brow hairs whatever shade you want to match your roots or make them bolder for up to 4 weeks! Book your next brow tint!

3. BROWVO! Conditioning Primer - we all know Benefit Cosmetics has our backs when it comes to brows and they sure nailed it with this nutrient-rich eyebrow primer! Use it alone to condition + smooths brows, use it as a primer to enhance + extend the wear of your other brow products. Contains keratin & soy proteins known to help brows look THICKER, HEALTHIER & FULLER. HOLLA. 

4. L'Oreal Brow Stylist Definer - this brow pencil is life. With the thinnest tip I have found to help draw individual hairstrokes or fill in a tapered tail without drawing out of the lines. This guy is under $8 at walmart + lasts 2 months if worn daily. I use the shade brunette.

5. elf Beautifully Bare Sheer Tinted Brow Gel - in between brow tint appointments this brow gel is a life saver. It is literally $5 and works like a charm. We use it to brush my brow hairs up to help them appear fluffier + fuller & it lasts all day. Kristen uses light + Madison uses medium. 

What are your fave brow products we may be missing out on? Let us know - we'd love to try them!

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