12 Things to Know Before Microblading

Notice all those perfect arches & fluffy brows that look so natural almost everyone has been rockin’!? Well, 90% of the time you see those #browgoals on your Instagram feed, they are actually achieved with microblading.

So what is microblading & how can I get it!? Microblading is done manually with a hand tool by tattooing thin hair-like strokes to mimic the appearance of natural hair. If you're ready to quit buying those expensive brow products - gels, pencils, & pomades, then read here to find out everything you need to know before taking the plunge on microblading.

1.   How long does it take? It’s important to know that microblading is a 2 part process.  As much as we all want to wake up with those Cara Delevingne bushy brows right away, just remember it will take at least two 1 hour appointments before you will be rockin’ your ideal brows. You shouldn’t expect to obtain the full results after only one treatment, you have to come back in 4-6 weeks for your “touchup.” This follow up appointment is essential to finishing your permanent cosmetics & is also where you can make any desired alterations with color or shape. Because it is essential, it is often included in the initial price.

2.   What can I expect during the initial appointment? The initial appointment will range from 1-2 hours. Your technician will begin by selecting a pigment that matches your brow hair, roots, complexion, & undertones. Once the color is selected, they will begin mapping out your custom brow shape based on your overall #browgoals in conjunction with your natural bone structure, eye placement, & face shape. After you approve of the new pigment + shape, the technician will apply a topical numbing cream containing lidocaine. The numbing then sits for 10-15 minutes before beginning the procedure. The actual microblading consists of 2-3 passes on each brow and will take 20-30 minutes. It is important that the technician does not overwork the skin & cause injury. After the work is completed, the client will have the chance to look at the completed microblading, making any desired changes before the technician applies a healing ointment.

3.   But wait… Does it hurt? Everyone's pain tolerance is different, however, after mapping out your shape, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort. Once the skin has been “broken” from the first round of microblading strokes, your technician will apply a secondary liquid anesthetic. If you are feeling uncomfortable at any time, let your technician know as they can always apply more numbing gel. Client comfort is key!

4.   Alright, so how much time do I need to take off to heal? The best part about microblading, there’s NO downtime! Come see us on your lunch break & walk out of the salon, ready to show off your perfect new brows. They will be darker in the first few days, but your new brows will soften in 1-2 weeks. 

5.   How long does it last?  Following the initial appointment + one touch-up, the result will last 1-3 years, making it considered “semi-permanent.” Most people are not afraid to make this short-term commitment as they will have the option to switch up the shape + style every year to keep up on the trends. We recommend coming in for a yearly color boost appointment - we can tweak any thing we need to and freshen up the color!

6.   How do I prepare for my appointment? 1 week prior to your appointment, skip your AHA’s, retinoids, & harsh exfoliating treatments as these cause thinning of the skin. You will also need to cut out the blood thinners, aspirin, & alcohol 1 week before your appointment as excessive bleeding will push out the pigment being implanted. You’re going to be getting several “cuts” & blood thinners will make you less likely to clot or heal properly. It’s important to check with your technician before your appointment for any specific recommendations they have. 

7.   What’s the aftercare like? Every technician will have their preferred form of aftercare, everything from “dry healing” to constant moisturizing. Our beauty maven’s suggest rinsing the brows gently with a cotton pad or tissue & lukewarm water (+ an antibacterial soap if you have one) in the morning & night for the first 7-10 days. Followed by applying a small bit of ointment you will receive at your appointment. (A&D ointment, Neosporin, etc.) Avoid sweating, hot water & makeup on the brows for 7 days. Should you experience any scabbing, do not pick them! This will result in pulling the pigment from the skin.


  1. Although microblading can seem a bit pricey, in this case, you get what you pay for. Take time to r e s e a r c h your artist before deciding where to go. Make sure you love the artists style, have seen images of their work + healed results, & that they can answer any questions or concerns you may have with the procedure.
  2.  Must be 18 years of age or older on the day of your appointment.
  3. You may not be able to donate blood for 6 months - 1 year after your service.
  4. Exfoliating skin treatments, sun exposure, & laser treatments are all factors that can cause your permanent cosmetics to fade quicker.
  5. If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy, you will not be able to receive this service. So be sure to book your appointment before or after a round of chemotherapy!

Anddddd there you have it! What other questions do you have about microblading? What’s holding you back from getting your own brows microbladed? If you are ready, book your Microblading appointment with our talented Microblading artists!

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