Beauty Mavens Summit


Give your beauty business a competitive advantage by attending our Beauty Mavens Summit.

Our next Summit will be in Spring of 2020. Watch out for dates & ticket sales. Join us for 1-2 days of hands-on education from industry experts. If you follow the mavens, you know they hold nothing back in helping you create the business of your dreams. 


The Beauty Mavens Summit is a full day workshop in Downtown Salt Lake to help beauty professionals take the next step in their business. Whether you just graduated school & need to build your clientele, maybe you're jumping into network marketing selling makeup, or established salon owners ready to expand, this workshop is for YOU.

The secret to improving your beauty business is learning. You have probably been to lots of trainings + events in the beauty industry, but nothing quite like this. You for sure have listened to the Beauty Mavens Podcast by now (right? If not, catch up ASAP!) Each week on the podcast we bring you a behind the scenes look at the beauty industry by interviewing other mavens who have successfully built the careers of their dreams. Imagine the value you have gained from the free podcast with an in person, hands-on approach + a networking experience where you don't have to initiate awkward convos, but still get to meet everyone in attendance. WOW. SIGN ME UP.

“But I don’t have the time to attend the conference!” you might say.

Don’t worry; you can still learn the tricks of the trade with our beauty courses online. Master your craft whenever, wherever.

The Beauty Mavens Summit isn’t about sitting in the audience trying to jot down all the information being thrown at you, it’s about DOING. Grouping up with like-minded mavens to brainstorm, digging deep, sharing your insights & putting it to WORK. 

Like the mavens always say, you CAN DO IT, but sometimes we need the connections + tools to start. If you are ready to get familiar with your numbers so you can profit those 6 & 7 figure revenues, the Beauty Mavens Summit is for you!


Beauty Mavens Collective

177 East 900 South Suite D

Salt Lake, Utah 84111

  • Maven Workbook - we will use during the summit + after. Something for you to always refer back on.
  • ALL the Deets - nothing will be held back from the mavens, presenters, or the mentors including personal experiences, new ideas + the NUMBERS. 
  • Q + A - you get a full day with the Beauty Mavens to ask them ANYTHING you want. So come prepared to take advantage of this. If something is keeping you from taking your business to the next level, let's help you get it figured out!
  • Lunch + Snacks - a hot catered lunch is included + a table full of snacks available for you to munch on throughout the day. 
  • Maven Mingle - you will meet every single maven in attendance. The networking experience of your dreams where you won't have to interject a group of friends to introduce yourself, we get it, it's the worst. We got your back + you will leave with a plethora of new connections. 

We can't wait to meet you + help you become a true beauty maven!

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