EPISODE 8: Yvette Mendoza - Podcast Pop Up at Pop Society

This week the maven’s took the podcast on the road to visit their cute friend & fellow Elleebana lash lift trainer, Yvette Mendoza. Yvette is the creator of Pop Lash + Society, with 2 store front locations in both Costa Mesa & Long Beach, California.

In this episode, she tells us how she went from managing an Urban Outfitters (P.S. you can totally tell she managed Urban with the vibe + design that comes through in both studios), to jumping in to the beauty world, working on celebrity clients, becoming a mom, helping heal her husband when he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, on to now owning 2 studio locations + a clean beauty boutique.

Yvette specializes in the art of lash lifting & has taken that knowledge to the classroom where she teaches monthly courses. Listen to the episode to find out her tips to selling out every class.

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Ep. 8: Yvette Mendoza - Podcast Pop Up at Pop Society
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