EPISODE 7: Taylor Davis - Hashtag Brow Maven

Okay everyone you are in for a treat with this episode. You get to hear from Taylor Davis who is a licensed esthetician and owns a studio just north of Beauty Mavens Collective, is a wife, new mom, and is a MAJOR BROW BABE.

Taylor takes us on her journey of apprenticing to become an esti and the hustle it took for her to get where she is now. She did it all herself, with the support of her mom + husband, and shares with us some of the most important things she learned along the way.

Not only does Taylor own her very own studio with renters keeping it busy, she also is a working mama with a consistently full clientele. She loves utilizing her Instagram to bring in all the clients, and one of her best tricks is strategic hashtagging. So simple, yet so effective.

She shares some of her biggest regrets throughout this journey with her finances and how it took her business to the next level when she finally sorted it out with an accountant! This is a mistake so many of us can relate to.

Taylor has some fun projects coming up for specific tips to help take your microblading game to the next level, watch her instagram for what is to come (hint she has the best numbing technique)!


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