EPISODE 4: Kimber Jaynes - Building an International Brand

Hey mavens, we are so excited for you to get to hear from one of the pioneers in the lash industry, Kimber Jaynes. Kim is the founder of the world renowned company Borboleta Beauty, a leader in luxury professional eyelash products. She is a soon to be momma to a little girl, and spends her days in the office at HQ with her husband who works alongside her.

Kim knows better than anyone what it is like to feel lost and struggling in the beauty industry. In fact she hasn’t always even liked this industry. She was uncertain in her career and in a rough spot financially and knew she wanted to make a change.

Kim literally started with creating her very own lashes and selling them from the trunk of her car, in an auto parts parking lot. Talk about starting from the bottom, now you’re here!! Kimber shares her beginning in hopes in inspire others and let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

The whole team at Borboleta is absolutely wonderful and dedicated to the brand they represent. They are all so inspired and caring, though it wasn’t always that easy. Kim acknowledges that in the past she did not manage the way she would have liked. She is a believer that wearing your emotions reflects to your team and can create the environment. So make it one of positivity!

Kimber is the ultimate positivity babe. It is so important to her to keep social media a safe haven and place to support one another. Her instagram is somewhere you can go to feel uplifted. And let’s be honest, it is so aesthetically pleasing and all about being positive, even if she isn’t always up on all the millennial culture;) (still love you Kim)


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