EPISODE 3: Jen MacDonald - Retail Secrets to Afford Louboutin's

Okay babes, in this episode, you get the privilege of meeting one of the Beauty Mavens Collective’s own; Jen MacDonald. She is the retail MAVEN and is ready to share her secrets to success with all you fellow boss babes.
Jen MacDonald has been a licensed aesthetician for 8 years now, and specializes in eradicating acne + custom brow shaping. She is a wife, mama to two little dudes and a self proclaimed mega Star Wars nerd. Does she not sound like someone you want to be friends with!? But what is really going to get your attention is the wealth of advice she has from her experience killing it selling retail.
Jen has some serious tips to help you be the best boss babe in the retail game. She teaches you how to get your clients to literally tell you exactly what products they want, even if they don't know they want it. Ma g i c, right!?
Jen is all about having total confidence in your products. She has her clients best interest at heart, and only tells them what they truly need that will work for them. “You can't spend your clients money for them," may be her catchphrase, but what does she mean? Don’t worry she will explain in this episode!
Jen knows that if you sell good retail to clients that will yield results, it only backs up your reputation & makes them LOVE you, which is the only thing you should want. 
Her best tip may be to constantly be setting goals for yourself to keep yourself accountable and motivated, like working your a$$ off to be able to buy yourself a pair of Louboutin’s. 


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