CRUDE Care Oil Review

Hey beauty mavens, Kristen here (the greasy hair + oily skin sister) with my honest opinion of CRUDE Personal Care oil cleansing.

TBH, I was so skeptical about this ‘oil cleansing’ hype + in combination with my oily af skin… yeah.. my expectations were not high. CRUDE shipped me a starter kit + glow serum complimentary in exchange for an honest review & honestly, I love it! It is so so so simple.

STEP 1. Start with a quarter size amount of CLEANSE oil in the palm of your hand, apply it to your face – BONUS: It works as a makeup remover! PRO TIP: when I use it as a makeup remover, I will cleanse a second time; once to remove makeup + once to cleanse skin thoroughly.

STEP 2. Since oil + water don’t mix, use a damp, warm CRUDE Pull cloth to remove the oil from your skin.

STEP 3:(occasionally). Mix the DETOX mask powder with water & apply to your face for 5-10 minutes, until it dries. Remove with a warm, damp CRUDE Pull cloth. Their theory is “don’t scrub, DETOX” I personally love a good scrub + exfoliation, so I don’t know that I will adopt that theory, BUT I did like the mask & will definitely throw it into my monthly mask mix up. PRO TIP: Post a #DETOXselfie to Instagram and CRUDE will send you a code for 20% off your next purchase.

STEP 4.  Use a nickel size amount of the GLOW  serum & pat into skin as the serum + moisturizer.

That’s it! So quick + easy!

I’ve been using this oil cleansing system exclusively for over 4 weeks. I wanted to give this 100% of my attention so I could decide if it was absolutely worth it or not! Madison gave me a Jessner chemical peel after the first week on the oil cleansing system & continued using the system post peel. The products are gentle + hydrating enough to use post peel.

Basically, the CRUDE oil cleansing system has been working super well for my skin, I am still oily, but I feel like my skin used to p u r g e sooooo much oil during the night that now I wake up with a little shimmer instead of a full on wet face.

Have you tried oil cleansing before? Would you ever try it?

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